The Brewmaster of The big beer Festival

May 17        8pm - 11pm

Joe Pickett’s Bio Brewmaster:

Joe Pickett’s official title at Ellis Island is Executive Director of Brewery Operations. Joe set-up the Brewery at Ellis Island fifteen years ago with a simple plan; and that plan was to make great beer. Prior to that he traveled the world setting up Breweries, from Australia to China.

Joe’s philosophy in designing the beers he brews is simple: “Brew beers that people want to drink”, which may seem rather obvious, but in the Microbrew world that is not necessarily the case. “Many Microbreweries focus on making the exotic and unusual beers, which turn out to be unpalatable to most patrons”.

A special beer tasting to support Three Square our local non-profit organizations.  Have your choice of sampling or asking for a full cup of your favorite beer and enjoying the conversation over a drink.  Join us for an evening of Beer, and fun at Ellis Island Brewery & Casino. This years event benefits the local charities.  The Sin City beer Festival is produced by Barcelona Enterprises as part of Vegas Wine & Food Grab a ticket and enjoy an evening of beer and great music all to support a wonderful local cause. 

Enjoy the #1 Ribs in all of Nevada to pair with all the beers at the event.

The Beer Festival is dedicated to enriching the community.